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The EZ Driving School Online VA is one of the best driving schools in Northern Virginia and has been serving since 2006. Our online driving school is for all ages, providing excellent driver training by building good driving habits for life.

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Discover convenient and comprehensive online driving courses tailored to Virginia residents. At EZ Driving School Online VA, we’re committed to equipping you with the skills and knowledge necessary for safe and confident driving. Choose from a range of courses, including the Driving Improvement Clinic Online Course, Re-Examination Three Time Permit Tests Failed Course, and Parent-Teen Class Online. Our user-friendly platform and expert instructors ensure a seamless learning experience. Join us today and take the first step towards becoming a skilled and responsible driver!


Complete your driver training online today with our online courses in VA. These courses will help you learn the best driving skills and road rules to maintain a good driving record.


Re-examination Course Online For Three Time Permit Tests Failed

For those who have failed the permit test thrice.

  • $170 for an 8-hour reexamination course for the permit exam 3 times failed ( All Online)
  • Required by DMV
  • The certificate is issued upon completion
  • For all ages
  • If you have failed the permit test 3 times you need to take a re-examination course online to take the knowledge test again.

Note : After Registration, Please Pay By VENMO, ZELLE Or Credit Card Then Our DMV Approved Vendor Will Send You The Link To Start This Course. Thanks!!


Virginia Defense Driving Course Online

EZ Driving School Online VA is a DMV-approved driving school in Virginia. We help you become a confident driver!

  • Driving Improvement Clinic Online Course For 5 Good Points
  • Earn five safe points as a reward when you drive safely and follow road rules
  • Get a ticket DISMISSED or REDUCED in traffic court
  • Get a lower auto insurance premium
  • Prevent license suspension or reinstate license with DMV
  • Traffic court preparation, tips, and guidance.
  • Improved knowledge of practical and effective defensive driving strategies
  • 100% online instruction – save time and money.

This course helps all novice or professional drivers to earn driver’s permits and obtain driver’s licenses effortlessly.


Parent Teen Class Online

Pass your test the first time

  • With EZ Driving School Online VA, learn the best driving skills with a DMV-approved license.
  • Develop better driving skills and learn safety measures requiring the 90-minute parent/teen component.
  • Instructors at EZ Driving School Online VA help prepare students for a road test to get their licenses.
  • Remote Testing in Schools
  • Driver Education Information for Home Schoolers
  • This course is all online and self-paced.
  • Lower insurance rates for teens undertaking a parent-teen class online course.

Parent-Teen online driving course is a minimum 90-minute parent/student driver education component. The curriculum emphasizes parental responsibilities regarding juvenile driver behavior, juvenile driving restrictions, and the dangers of driving while consuming alcohol.

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EZ Driving School Online VA is a part of EZ Driving School VA. We provide courses that adhere to state laws. Our instructors train adults and teenagers to improve driving records and confidently pass their re-examinations.

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    Steering Stories

    “Joining EZ Driving School Online VA was the best decision for my driving training. The comfort of accessing the course from anywhere with the internet made it so easy to fit lessons into my busy schedule.”

    Rose Anthony

    “Online Driving School VA exceeded my expectations in every way. The course was user-friendly and well-organized. The instructor was friendly and guided me through the material well. I passed my driving test with ease.”

    Sunny David

    “EZ Driving School Online VA has helped me obtain my driver’s license and five safe points. The instructor helped me learn all the Virginia road rules and laws. I am now a confident and excellent driver.”

    Jercy Rozario

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    Who can take the Virginia driver's Classes?

    An individual above the age of 16 can take the Virginia driver’s education course. You must complete the 90-minute driving class, and parents must also attend in person.

    Why is an online driving course necessary for teens?

    This course is necessary to drive safely as a teen, and every teen must have critical driving skills, including attention and problem-solving while driving. Also, they should learn to increase their safety by monitoring speeding, avoiding distractions, or breaking road rules. Through this course, parents can teach their children to drive safely and help them learn road rules.

    How do you get five safe driving points?

    According to the Virginia DMV, you will be rewarded with five safe driving points once every 24 months for completing a Virginia driver improvement course. These points can also help you get insurance discounts.

    When will I get my certificate?

    Once you complete your online driving course, you will receive a DMV-approved certificate from EZ Driving School Online VA.

    Why do I need a Driving Improvement Clinic Online Course?

    This course from EZ Driving School Online VA can help you learn the Virginia road rules and how to drive safely. This course can also help with ticket dismissal or fee reduction. The DMV may need it to prevent license suspension due to too many demerit points. You must take this course from a certified DMV-approved driving school to earn the five safe points and get an insurance discount.

    How to sign up for the course?

    Just sign up online, or you can contact us, and we will help you guide you through the process. After the completion of the course, you will get a DMV-approved license.